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US-5731040-A: Method for manufacturing gasket material patent, US-5748290-A: Method and apparatus for feeding and winding plural film patent, US-5844981-A: Method and system of improved routing to WATS patent, US-5867437-A: Static random access memory with improved write recovery procedure patent, US-5894197-A: Device for attenuating unwanted waves in an electron tube patent, US-5894542-A: Technique for using one key for both form feed and cartridge exchange patent, US-5909756-A: Pneumatic tire including sub-grooves patent, US-5985940-A: Method of mitigating fouling and reducing viscosity in primary fractionators and quench sections of ethylene plants patent, US-6064515-A: Feedback-type optical fiber amplifier using hybrid pumping light beams patent, US-6240747-B1: Baffle mechanism for I.S. machine patent, US-6281884-B1: General Chinese phonetic keyboard setting apparatus patent, US-6396152-B2: Semiconductor device and production method thereof patent, US-6442709-B1: System and method for simulating disaster situations on peer to peer remote copy machines patent, US-6556557-B1: Method and system for reducing of peak-to-average power ratio of transmission signals comprising overlapping waveforms patent, US-6563189-B1: Method of adding Zener zap aluminum bridged anti-fuses to a tungsten plug process patent, US-6602617-B1: Plasma picture screen with coated phosphor patent, US-6615422-B2: Bath tap fitting patent, US-6671411-B1: Image encoding apparatus, method and memory medium therefor patent, US-3759218-A: Breading apparatus patent, US-3789420-A: Wide band recording apparatus patent, US-3839176-A: Method and apparatus for removing contaminants from liquids patent, US-3841346-A: Pivotable outlet insertable in plumbing patent, US-3870776-A: Method for making ceramic-metal structures patent, US-3877041-A: First person camera system patent, US-3937209-A: Heat storage device patent, US-3996418-A: Scrambler and decoder for secure television system patent, US-4004513-A: Method and apparatus for preventing ink smears in an electrostatic ink mist printing system patent, US-4069494-A: Inverter circuit arrangements patent, US-4089488-A: Tape transport apparatus patent, US-4173198-A: Tread end cementer patent, US-4182748-A: Material and method for obtaining hydrogen and oxygen by dissociation of water patent, US-4193461-A: Means and method for forming and enlarging holes in soil patent, US-4219819-A: Safety devices patent, US-4266587-A: Manual tool patent, US-4310087-A: Single revolution clutches, particularly for franking machines patent, US-4321975-A: Slurry diverter patent, US-4371674-A: Water soluble crosslinked ethyleneimine grafted polyamidoamine patent, US-4375252-A: Shoe drum brake patent, US-4442415-A: Multichannel frequency modulator patent, US-4444871-A: Method for forming a direct positive color image patent, US-4475062-A: Economy device for fluorescent lighting fixtures patent, US-4597376-A: Heat recovery hood patent, US-4609426-A: Method and apparatus for monitoring etching patent, US-4613726-A: Process for removing nickel, aluminum and chlorine from olefin oligomers patent, US-4680580-A: Active matrix-addressed liquid-crystal display device patent, US-4688197-A: Control of data access to memory for improved video system patent, US-4698726-A: Structure for attaching a switchgear to a rail patent, US-4721962-A: Antenna for a transceiver, particularly portable telephone patent, US-4816560-A: Partially retro-inverted tuftsin analogues, method for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing them patent, US-4988240-A: Material transfer assembly patent, US-5361572-A: Fluff cleaning truck patent, US-5496251-A: Method and apparatus for manufacturing a shell-shaped package, and such shell-shaped package patent, US-5721450-A: Moisture relief for chip carriers patent, US-5762772-A: Method and apparatus for image formation patent, US-5946283-A: Optical information recording medium and optical information reproducing device patent, US-6038839-A: Longitudinal seam sealer for polyethylene material patent, US-6092712-A: Device for stapling stacked sheets of a recording medium patent, US-6119949-A: Apparatus and method for providing a multiple option select function patent, US-6204088-B1: Glue-free backside illuminated photodiode apparatus and fabrication process patent, US-6375075-B1: Method and apparatus for reading machine-readable symbols including color symbol elements patent, US-6458838-B1: Adrenoleukodystrophy treatments patent, US-6517226-B1: Interior illumination system for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles patent, US-6523116-B1: Secure personal information card database system patent, US-6536455-B1: Diffusion reactor with sloped bottom plate suitable for cleaning the same patent, US-6562028-B2: Method of treating intervertebral discs by inserting a diffuser directly into the annulus patent, US-6566248-B1: Graphoepitaxial conductor cores in integrated circuit interconnects patent, US-6665354-B1: Differential input receiver and method for reducing noise patent, US-3774573-A: Powder cloud generator and method patent, US-3882441-A: Response negative magnetostrictive wire for an intruder detector patent, US-3918504-A: Nonskid protective device for resilient wheels patent, US-4029449-A: Mold blow out apparatus patent, US-4035849-A: Heart valve stent and process for preparing a stented heart valve prosthesis patent, US-4057356-A: Glued corner-joints patent, US-4081297-A: RE-Co-Fe-transition metal permanent magnet and method of making it patent, US-4134952-A: Method and die for forming laminated tubular structures of synthetic resins patent, US-4135742-A: Adjustable tube coupling patent, US-4177693-A: Drive system patent, US-4200051-A: Collapsible tube and method of manufacture patent, US-4325096-A: Zero-phase current transformer patent, US-4327443-A: Capillary liquid fuel nuclear reactor patent, US-4329829-A: Method for sterilizing a thermo-plastic strip used for the hot-forming of sterile containers and sterile packaging installation using the said method patent, US-4371335-A: Zone separator for multiple zone vessels patent, US-4446495-A: Tape player repeat reproduction with overlap patent, US-4549171-A: Floating oil leak detector patent, US-4639546-A: Insert for a cable sleeve and method for the production thereof patent, US-4661415-A: Hydrogen absorbing zirconium alloy patent, US-4724716-A: Joint mechanism patent, US-4794386-A: Data integrator for video display including windows patent, US-4801608-A: Bismuth containing composition and method for the preparation thereof patent, US-4807250-A: Coding device selectively connected to a transmission line patent, US-4832299-A: Clamp fixture patent, US-4878993-A: Method of etching thin indium tin oxide films patent, US-4897327-A: Correct-reading images from photopolymer electrographic master patent, US-4968791-A: Process for the preparation of polyol fatty acid esters patent, US-5014446-A: Apparatus for heating an article patent, US-5814881-A: Stacked integrated chip package and method of making same patent, US-5034330-A: Preparation of a selectively permeable membrane for an enzyme electrode patent, US-5295720-A: Motor vehicle door lock patent, US-5372070-A: Burn rate modification of solid propellants with bismuth trioxide patent, US-5389569-A: Vertical and lateral isolation for a semiconductor device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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